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Our Goal.

We have engineered everything you need from a website. Let us help you make it easy for your clients to find your business through our specialized lead generators.

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Design, development, marketing and printing…

Web Development.

From blogs to business sites, to online stores, we build it all.  All websites by Bizlynx Solutions are designed to fit any device (mobile, tablet & computer), low maintenance and easy to use.

BizLynx helps make your ideas become an online reality.
Don’t be afraid, request a no obligation quote and get a free 1 hour consultation!


Blissfully simple is where its at! A clean, simple lead generator, gets you online FAST!


For small business with 3-10 products or services. Easy navigation, high conversion, what more could you ask for!


Take your business to the next level! We’ll get you selling online in no time!

Bizlynx creates websites using the latest software available. Namely being WordPress, WooCommerce or OpenCart.  These software applications make it very easy if you want to edit, change, update your website yourself in just minutes should you wish.

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SEO, SEM & Social.

We think of online marketing as a means of finding new customers.
We don’t just do SEO, PPC or Social Media, we do better, our main focus is visibility strategies.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of managing “keywords” (also known as “key phrases”) that will increase the visibility of your website in webs searches. Is your website not coming up for the correct search terms on Google? We can review your site and guide and/or manage it for you.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is similar to SEO, but is paid for by the client each time the website is clicked upon (often referred to as PPC management, i.e. pay per click). SEM is most effective as an add-on to SEO- think of SEO as putting gas in your car and SEM as jet fuel!


Social Media Marketing (SMM) and SEM are different in that the audience that finds you on search engines asked for what you are offering, whereas the audience that finds you through social media did not ask for you… they simply discovered you through tags, posts and word of mouth.

The Breakdown.

of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results.
of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.
of BizLynx' clients have remained loyal for over 3 years.
of BizLynx customers renew their annual hosting agreement.
of BizLynx SEO customers reach 1st page of Google

Print & Marketing Material.

Printing made easy… Have your artwork designed by our professionals and printed for less than the competition.
Our printers provide high quality products at a fraction of the competition’s price.

Business Cards.

Most commonly, a business card is the first if not only thing that your client will receive from you. For that reason it’s critical that your business card not only makes a good first impression, but also effectively communicates why potential customers should do business with your company.

Presentation Folders.

Handing clients or prospects a well designed and printed presentation folder displays credibility. It offers organization of your marketing collateral and properly displays the products and/or services your company provides in an easy and pleasant to read manner.

Flyers & More.

Flyers and other printed marketing material is very important but only as good as the design. BizLynx firmly believes in branding, when designing your material, we aim to promote a feeling that motivates people to buy. Get your prints now and see the results come in.

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